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Welcome to my blog on living with post polio syndrome

The reason why I believe that people need to know not just about polio but about people who survived the polio virus. Who else can tell you the stories of people what they went through because for some reason they didn´t have had the opportunity to receive a vaccination? Who else can tell you much better on the late effects of polio if not those who are facing PPS and are being confronted later in their lives between 30 and 60 years with it? 

My name ist Viney and I welcome you to my life as a polio survivor. I created this blog to raise the voice and direct the attention to, what it feels to me, the forgotten people. I am collecting stories about people living with post polio syndrome.

So if you have a story to tell, please do not hesitate and contact me to publish it here on my blog!

with love and sunshine

Viney, Berlin 11th July 2022


Current Polio Stats

Numbers and statistics have been researched from different scientific websites.

You can find a list of them here.

Million living with Post Polio Syndrome

% Worldwide infant Polio vaccinations 2020

estimated polio cases worldwide 2021

Million Polio Survivors

life stories

living with post polio syndrome 

These individuals have written down their life stories to give an insight how it is to live with post polio syndrome and how they manage their lives the best way they can.

polio definition

Farewell to my beloved wife Grit

Part 1 - written between 12th and 18th November 2022 ————————————————————————————————————————————————————   The Diagnosis It began at the beginning of the holidays that Omicron afflicted us all and took away 14 days of our holidays. My wife developed Long Covid...

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My Health Secrets

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Sources on Polio

1. Our World in Data

If you are into numbers and want to know more about how things develop in numbers regarding also polio then this website is for you!

2. March of dimes

One of the most important websites on Polio with an impactful message and mission

3. WHO – World Health Organisation

Get the whole picture and the latest insights on polio vaccination on the website of the WHO

4. World´s leadings specialist on Polio

During my researches on the internet I was shocked to see that are only a few people on this planet who really know about polio, pps and leop. One of them international know is Dr. Bruno. Here is his website.

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This Blog is dedicated to my parents, especially to my mother who always fought for my rights to be recognised as a human being and to my beloved wife who always took care of me even at the moment of her death.