I contracted Polio at age 2 in 1952 and was never very athletic growing up but had a fairly normal life. I married  at 21, gave birth to 3 beautiful healthy children and worked first as a cosmetologist then went in to school to become a medical lab tech.. I ran a full pediatric lab for over 17 yrs and my legs just simply couldn’t do it any longer. I’m almost 73, dealing with PPS and enjoy chatting with anyone else experiencing this problem.. aging is hard enough but we are tough and we WILL handle whatever life throws at us!

My birth mother shot and killed herself when I was 2 and my brother was 4 and apparently my biological father couldn’t handle a 2 yr old crying so he gave me to a relative and kept my brother. No one wanted me then because I was crying for my mother and my brother so I ended up with 5 different families I a period of 3 months. Somewhere along the line I contracted Polio and was finally placed with my birth mothers oldest brother and his wife. Their children were grown and they found themselves with a sick 3 yr old. The day they got me I was taken to the doctor, then to the hospital and then sent to a Polio Hospital nearly 70 miles away where I was a patient for several months. I always felt that I had been a great disappointment to them but I am a survivor not a quitter!! 💕 I’m not sharing my story for sympathy, just honesty, ….. thanks!!